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In Celebration Of Arthur Kill – Saint

Join us as we celebrate the life and art of Arthur Kill aka Gerard Henry Robrecht featuring music by ONE LOVE TRIBE.
WHO THE FUCK IS GERARD ROBRECHT? Secretly famous, widely well known, loyal, kind and generous. Biggest man in the crowd. Jolly, Ollie, Arthur Kill. Our Stinky Cheese guy. He loved our City By The Sea. His mission? Spread the love, save this beautiful place from the ravages of gentrification and greed. The Stinky Cheese was his message. Mainstream didn’t work for him. Life bent in all directions. Never easy, the life of an artist. But there he was on walls and doors, light posts and street signs, behind buildings, underground and above. In front and out front. His art is everywhere! And however you knew him, by whatever name you called him, and however he changed your life, remember this: he made life better. – leigh grahill aka bird.

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